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Instant payday loans: what are those & how to use them


Life sometimes throws situations into our faces, which require dealing them with cash: healthcare bills, repairs, fixes, fines, or sudden holidays. These & many more require a fast payday loan. We’re considering its nature & principles in this article.

What is an immediate payday loan?

A payday loan is also called quick cash lending, instant lending, same-day, or next-day lending. The nature of quick payday loans online is that they are:

  • given to a wide range of borrowers, even having bad credit history & score

  • considered within minutes or hours after completing a credit application

  • given for short terms (from days to a couple of months at most), usually aiming at being fully repaid with the next paycheck

  • given in small amounts (from hundreds to thousands of dollars)

  • credited into a borrower’s bank account

  • not controlling the purpose of spending.

What are the benefits of instant cash loans online now in Faaastcash?

Faaastcash is a lending company with a high approval rate (over 80%) of emergency money. It allows borrowing money at a low rate to borrowers of all ranges of official incomes, who minimally correspond to pre-set requirements (like legal age, official employment & salary, stable residential address). Below, we list the advantages of Faaastcash.

Speed of instant money loan

Faaastcash is a financial intermediary, which connects potential borrowers-natural persons to over 100 lenders across the US. After a lending application is approved, a guy is contacted by phone by one of the licensed lenders to agree on terms of crediting, after which the money flies to a bank account, being credited there within 24 hours in business days. 

Ease of receiving instant payday loans online

The entire application process is quick & goes online. It is only needed to fulfill a 1-page application on the Internet & wait for the pre-approval, which typically comes in several seconds or minutes 24/7/365. A lender is then contacting a borrower within business hours of the same or the next working day to conclude the agreement.

Humble requirements for borrowers of bad credit loans instant decision

There are only a few typical requirements to gain some quick dough:

  • be of legal age (18 or 21, depending on the state)

  • have a bank account to receive money on it

  • have a stable workplace with official salary received to that or another bank account

  • have a stable residential address in one of the applicable states in the US

  • not to have other open unfulfilled fast cash contractual obligations

  • to be able to explain what the money is needed for.

Creating a nice credit rating with instant payday loan

For some lenders with poor credit, it is possible to improve it over time by receiving & repaying fast cash credits, which would be impossible with standard bank lending, as banks deny bad-credit borrowers. 

Getting instant payday loans

Obtaining payday loans is fairly simple: there’s no need to go anywhere in person or to fax forms. Only apply online in an easy several-step process, which only takes about 5-15 minutes to complete. After verification by phone with one of the lenders, the money is released onto a bank account.

Same day payday loans online: concluding

A payday loan is a form of quick cash, which is needed for urgent payments (that have to be done within the closest few days) should they occur. As it is a short-term no-collateral credit given upon request with a limit of up to several thousand bucks, it is expensive & should not be used to replenish a normal cash flow.

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